Thursday, January 04, 2007

Longleaf Pine Planting

On December 21, 2006 (see blog entry), we burned a recently aquired tract of land in order to restore the native Longleaf Pine/Wiregrass forest. Yesterday, over 9,000 Longleaf Pine seedlings (see image) were planted on the same land.

The planting was accomplished by hand. Planters carried the seedlings in large sacks as they moved across the 30 acres. Using a hoedad (blade visible below the right bag in the image), planters made a hole in the soil, dropped in the seedling, closed the hole, took 13 steps and repeated the process over 9,000 times.

Images and GPS coordinates were taken at four locations around the tract. We will continue to take images at the same locations to record the transition of the land from its current state to a mature Longleaf Pine forest.

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