Friday, February 09, 2007

Family Science Night

Last night, Knightsville Elementary School hosted their family science night. Mark Musselman, Education Director at the Audubon Center at the Francis Beidler Forest, made a presentation on the upcoming Great Backyard Bird Count. Over 150 parents and students learned how they can help bird researchers identify and understand fluctuations in bird populations and migrations by participating in this citizen science event on February 16-19, 2007.
Information on the event can be found here.
The 2006 results in South Carolina can be found here. The 2006 results for specific localities in South Carolina can be found here. You will note that there are large areas of our state for which no reports were filed. The Top 10 lists for 2006 can be found here. Note that South Carolina tied for 10th on the "Reporting the Most Species " list, but failed to make the top 10 on the "Submitting the Most Checklists" list. We challenge all South Carolinians to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count and put South Carolina on the top 10 list! The Audubon sanctuaries at the Francis Beidler Forest and Silver Bluff Plantation are outstanding sites for birdwatching!

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