Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Conservation Lobby Day

Several members of the Audubon South Carolina staff spent the day in Columbia as participants in the 4th Annual Conservation Lobby Day. Members of conservation-minded organizations from around the state met to lobby state legislators on the following pieces of legislation:

1) Conservation Bank Funding - The Senate has approved an increase of $5 million to the bank, while the House still must decide on an amount in the budget for the bank. More details here.

2) Department of Transportation (DOT) reform - Conservation groups are asking for objective analysis of proposed projects, a transparent ranking process for projects, maintenance of existing infrastructure, consideration of transportation alternatives before creating new roads and bridges, and a public hearing process that allows for real public input. More details here.

3) Priority Investment Areas (PIA) - details here.

The image, taken this weekend by Jeff Mollenhauer, shows a White-tailed Deer fawn resting near the boardwalk at the Francis Beidler Forest. If this youngster could talk for the animals and generations of humans to come, we're sure it would thank all who work for the conservation of unique and precious land in South Carolina!

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