Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sick Call

On Friday, we shared the swamp with students at Devon Forest Elementary School's career day. We were careful to keep our hands out of our mouths, ears, noses and eyes just as mom always said. In fact, we didn't eat anything during our four hours in the crowded, multi-purpose room. Unfortunately, there were plenty of viruses in the air, possibly from one or more of the half dozen or so coughers that visited my table.

They got us! We've been down for the last three days although the worst seems to be over. The only thing keeping us corporeal beings is the volume of hot tea we've ingested is sufficient to counter the mass lost in sinus mucus. The image shows but a small portion of the forest that was decimated in order to fulfill our need for tissues.

Ah, but spring is on its way! School groups will be visiting this Thursday and Friday, the new seasonal naturalists have arrived at Francis Beidler Forest, the neotropical songbirds will continue to arrive and establish their breeding territory, the reptiles will be more obvious as the weather warms, and everything else will start to bloom. That reminds us...we better restock our tissue supply!

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