Monday, March 16, 2009

My Yard eBird

We've all noticed the birds in our yards at some time or another. Some of us may have gone a step farther and actually written down the species and the date they was sighted. Others of us may have detailed files on all the bird activity within the property lines of our homestead. In most cases, it is probably difficult to access and interpret the data. However, now there is a webpage that can help you keep track of the birds that you see on your property and make it easier to compare data across the years.

From the My Yard eBird webpage:

It's now easier than ever to keep track of the birds in your yard. Just go to the Submit Observations tab above, mark your home on a map, and enter the number of each bird you see there. It's as easy as pie!
You can enter the list of birds you see in your yard each day, and even enter past bird sightings you may have written down somewhere in a notebook. My Yard eBird will keep track of all these sightings for you, and back them up so they never get lost.

You can have My Yard eBird show you the cummulative list of all the birds you've seen in your yard, as well as every time you've seen a particular bird. Your bird sightings will also go into the larger eBird database to help us better understand where birds are and how their populations are doing across the country and around the world.

You already enjoy the birds in your yard. Now you can enjoy keeping track of them, and feel good knowing that you are helping us better understand and take care of the birds we enjoy!

Please join Audubon South Carolina by recording the birds in your portion of our planet!

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