Thursday, April 09, 2009

More Project PROTHO Banding

Although the wind and threat of rain caused us to cancel the Project PROTHO banding on Monday, we were able to take several groups of volunteers out yesterday.

With each bird banded (six more yesterday), we are developing a better understanding of the Prothonotary Warblers (Protonotaria citrea) that inhabit the old-growth swamp at the Audubon Center at Francis Beidler Forest! Prothonotary Warbler (PW) 460A continues to move from his original banding spot at marker #135 and can now be found near the edge of the swamp on the backside of the boardwalk near marker #183. As no PWs went to these edge sites first, it appears these sites are the less desirable nesting territories. What does that say about male 460A?

It would appear at least initially that the birds we banded near the Goodson Lake (#149) are moving the least. Most of the PWs are being sighted at the same location marker nearly every time. We haven't seen A083 in about a week. We wonder where he is or if he was only stopping at Beidler Forest on his way to a destination farther north.

Images by Mark Musselman

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