Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mepkin Abbey

The Charleston-area Master Naturalists will be meeting at Mepkin Abbey on September 12th for a tour of the grounds along with instruction regarding Global Positioning System (GPS)basics. Father Guerric will lead the tour with GPS basics being taught by Mark Musselman, education director at the Audubon Center at Francis Beidler Forest.

Yesterday, we made a visit to Mepkin Abbey to plan the GPS portion for the upcoming field trip. Below is a SMALL sample of what we saw on the grounds, which are open to the public from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm (closed Monday).

Little Blue Heron

Unknown "hunchback" insect

Halloween Pennant

Gulf Fritillary

Golden-winged Skimmer - Mark Musselman

Silver-spotted Skipper

Field and fig

Cart formerly used to transport eggs - Mark Musselman

Eastern Pondhawk - Mark Musselman

Unidentified and tattered dragonfly

Slaty Skimmer - Mark Musselman

Four-spotted Pennant - Mark Musselman

Luce Gardens

Sculpture carved from oak felled by Hurricane Hugo

Osprey with fish - Mark Musselman

Images by Mark Musselman

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Cindy O said...

Your post today reminds me that for as long as I have lived in the area now (7 years), I still have not visited Mepkin Abbey!

Enjoyed the photos, too! I'm seeing a lot more butterflies and dragonflies this year, it seems. It is nice to learn their names!