Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Homeschoolers in the Swamp

Yesterday's rain kept us in the office working on the Audubon at Francis Beidler Forest boardwalk-specific iPhone/iPod Touch app. The app is ready for testing on actual devices versus the computer simulator, but we're running into problems with loading the app. Anyone that knows an easy way to covert Dashcode to Xcode for uploading to a device, please contact us and help end our frustration!

Today, our email inbox had a note from the homeschool group that visited last week. Although we have walked the boardwalk hundreds, if not thousands, of times, it is a different experience each time. It may be a tree seen at a new angle, an animal finally captured in an image, an animal in a new place, a new behavior observed, or simply different lighting in the swamp. However, due to our experiences over the years, we can never recapture the awe of our initial interaction with this unique place. Therefore, it is always a pleasure to hear from groups of any size or age range regarding their experiences in the old-growth swamp, especially when it's their first.

Here in their own words is the Four Holes Academy's experience:

Today we visited Francis Beidler Forest located in Harleyville, SC. Inside the forest is Four Holes Swamp, which is the same swamp we named our homeschool after. It's the largest remaining strand of virgin baldcypress-tupelo gum swamp forest in the world, and it's one of the only two cypress/tupelo swamps in the world. There are tress in this swamp that are over a thousand years old. We first learned...more.

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Jane Doe said...

Thanks for showing us around the swamp!!! It was one of the best field trips I've ever been a part of, and very educational. I will gladly share my new insight with others in hopes of protecting the great swamps. Thanks for linking my blog with yours. I'm more than happy to share such a great experience with all whom are interested. Take Care, Crystal