Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Storm Warning and Snow?

It is not often that the Audubon Center at Francis Beidler Forest is covered in pink on the National Weather Service's regional map, but a winter storm WARNING has been issued for our area between noon today and 6 a.m. tomorrow! The chance of precipitation is 100% (not even hedging with a 95%) with possible snow accumulation of 3-5"!

Yesterday, it was reported that over 63% of the United States had some snow coverage. We'll see if the Lowcountry and much of the South will become part of a larger percentage. If there is snow on the ground tomorrow, we will definitely fill the digital camera with images and post some here!

Don't forget, the Great Backyard Bird Count began this morning and runs through Monday. The recent rain and now the snow coverage across the country will surely affect the distribution of bird species. Scientists cannot be everywhere, especially with all of the airline flight cancellations and impassible roads, so you help is critical. You need not be an expert or even leave the comfort of your home...simply observe and report.

Images from the National Weather Service

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