Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cerulean Warbler Survey

 Maybe you can help with this one-day survey:

Credit: USFW

Job Description:
BIRD WATCHERS NEEDED to help survey for the presence of Cerulean Warblers on Military and Army Corps of Engineers lands. The site we have to survey in South Carolina is the Clarks Hill Training Site located near Eastover just southeast of Columbia.  I hope to find someone that lives no more than 120 miles from this site, but can be flexible.  The survey will take place in one day from May 15th to June 15th, and will be for no longer than 8 hours.  There will be a Stipend of $200.00 plus reimbursement for mileage. 

To apply:
Please send a resume or a letter with your birding accomplishments or credentials with your current address to JOHN BRENNEMAN (Jbrenneman at naturecenter.org).

Knowledge of Eastern bird songs and especially Cerulean Warbler is a must.

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Swampy said...

This position has been filled.