Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 2 of Advanced Camp

Day 2 of advanced summer camp at the Audubon Center at Francis Beidler Forest involved Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation through the old-growth swamp. We started at the nature center and headed to a set of coordinates.  The campers did not know what awaited at the waypoint coordinates, but the target was obvious once they successfully navigated through the flooded forest.

Here is what we saw along the way:
Summer campers preparing to navigate the swamp with GPS units - Ricky Covey
Crossing the power line right-of-way north of the nature center - Mark Musselman
Bald-faced Hornet nest - Mark Musselman

Crab-like Spiny Orbweaver - Ricky Covey
Bald Cypress (waypoint #1) from kneeknocker video - Ricky Covey
Funky cypress knee - Ricky Covey
Barbara's forgot swamp stomp shoes (waypoint #2) - Ricky Covey
Pink-striped Oakworm Moth - Ricky Covey
Bronze Frog - Mark Musselman
Swamp stomping - Ricky Covey
Snail eating slug - Ricky Covey
Dark Fishing Spider with dragonfly - Ricky Covey
Lake north of boardwalk - Ricky Covey
Summer campers and Ricky at platform (waypoint #3) - Mark Musselman
Platform built in late 1970s - Ricky Covey
Brown Water Snake - Mark Musselman
Heading back to the center for lunch - Ricky Covey
Eastern Box Turtle - Mark Musselman
Eastern Box Turtle - Mark Musselman
Although not yet complete, you can check out the map showing our activities so far this week.  Tomorrow's activities and map additions include canoeing and fishing!

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