Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hiring for Education Manager Position

Position Description

Audubon Center at Francis Beidler Forest

Immediate Supervisor:
Michael Dawson

Purpose of the position:

The EDUCATION MANAGER plans, creates and supervises the day to day operation of the full spectrum of educational offerings available both at and away from the Audubon Center at Francis Beidler Forest. He/She will pay particular attention to the Center’s alignment with National Audubon’s Strategic Plan.  He/She will also assist the Center Director with Beidler Forest Sanctuary management and protection, as well as State Office support as needed.

Essential Functions:

1.  To oversee and supervise the day-to-day development, implementation, and delivery of a wide variety of general visitor educational activities which are designed to bring people and the resources/facilities of the sanctuary together for positive experiences and move them along the continuum from understanding to appreciation to conservation action.

2.  To oversee and supervise the development, implementation and delivery of a curriculum of educational programming created for school children that is tied directly to state Education Standards, while contributing to Audubon’ Strategic Plan and conservation outcomes.

3.  Participate as a member of a team to conduct education and cultivation activities for key constituencies such as private landowners and foresters.

4.  To respond to National Audubon’s lead on aligning Center activities to its strategic plan and to develop, implement and deliver programs and projects in support of the Plan’s conservation outcomes. Particular attention will be paid to the Bird Friendly Communities goals and objectives.

5.  Take responsibility for the scheduling, pre/post information, guide/speaker assignment, etc. for all guided programming and off site outreach for the Beidler Forest.

6.  To create, plan, promote and conduct special events, walks, and programs designed to encourage visitation and participation at the Center.

7.  Build and maintain the Beidler Forest pages of the Audubon South Carolina website, assuring its current content, “tourist friendliness” and teacher usefulness.

8.  Assist the Center Director in the recruiting, training, scheduling, recognizing and keeping of volunteers to the Center. Assist the Center Director in the recruiting, training and scheduling of Seasonal Naturalists in the spring and fall.

9.  To serve as the principal "go to" staff member for all things bird related (identification, biology, monitoring, etc.) out of the Beidler Forest office, as well as assisting the state team in conducting Bird Friendly Bottomland Forest Management site visits, grassland/shrubland bird studies, and assisting with the shore bird Beach Stewards program.

10.  To act as part of the Audubon South Carolina team, endeavoring to achieve its conservation outcomes as addressed in National Audubon’s Strategic Plan.

Additional Functions:

1. Assist Center Director and/or Land Manager as needed with sanctuary facilities and equipment maintenance, biological monitoring and field biology/research.

2. Run the visitor center desk one weekend per month.

3. Plan, promote and conduct a series of at least three weeks of summer day camps for area children with themes and activities in support of Strategic Plan Conservation Outcomes.


Center Director
State Office Director
Development Director
Office Manager
Finance Manager
Seasonal Naturalists
Land Manager
Part-time staff
NAS Centers and Education Staff

Area teachers
Area school administrators
Staff from other education providers
Sanctuary neighbors
Staff from other area non-profits, governmental agencies, resource or educational organizations
Local media
Local Civic and Service Clubs

Equipment: (e.g., computer, typewriter, calculator, copy machines, telephone, etc.)

Computer, copy machine, GPS unit, digital camera, hand power tools and other maintenance equipment, canoe/kayak, video projector. Trucks (some with standard shift).
Qualifications: (e.g., education, training, experience, licenses and skills)

Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, one of the Natural Sciences, or Education and previous experience as a Naturalist. Demonstrated passion for birds at a minimum and experience with avian research/monitoring would be a plus. Familiarity with promotions, good writing and public speaking skills, and sense of humor. Demonstrated ability to self start and work with little supervision.

Physical Requirements: (e.g., lifting, reaching, climb, push/pull, etc.)

Must be able to routinely walk the 1.75 mile boardwalk.
Must be able to canoe or kayak.
Must be able to lift 50 lbs. or more.
Must be able to reach, push a garden cart, wield a machete or bush ax, and accomplish
other fairly physical tasks..
Must be able to tolerate the heat and humidity of a South Carolina summer while outside
for hours at a time.
Must be able to endure bugs (especially chiggers, yellow flies, occasionally mosquitoes)


Applicants MUST apply through the Audubon Career Center at the following link…

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