Friday, September 28, 2007

Boo in the Swamp!

BOO In The Swamp
Audubon Center at Francis Beidler Forest
October 26 and 27

Described as “a Night Walk on steroids, we take what is naturally spooky about the swamp at night and ramp it up a couple of notches! The night is designed to be “family friendly” as NO blood, guts, demons, chainsaw massacres, or other nightmare inducing scares will be included. However, participants should expect to be spooked, creeped out or otherwise given the heebie jeebies, along the way!

Full-costumed characters representing several nocturnal swamp animals that people are most freaky about (eg. bats, snakes, owls, gators, etc.) will be on hand. It is the job of these animal characters to dispel the myths surrounding these creatures of the night.

You’ll be assigned to a group of no more than 20, with start times at 15-minute intervals, beginning at 5:30 for parents with younger children and 7:00 for parents with braver kids! Cost is $10.00/adult and $6.00/child.

Reservations must be made at 843-462-2150. Weenie roast, smores, hot cocoa, reptile demo, and other kid stuff will entertain you while you wait.

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