Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Global Logistics Triangle

Yesterday's Post and Courier described Orangeburg County's desire to develop in and around the Global Logistics Triangle formed by I-26, I-95, and Hwy 301. Looking at the image, it's obvious why Audubon South Carolina is interested in how this area is developed.

In the image, the Global Logistics Triangle is outlined in neon green. The boundaries of the Four Holes Swamp watershed are in purple. The boundaries of Audubon South Carolina's Francis Beidler Forest are in red. Nearly the entire Global Logistics Triangle falls within the Four Holes Swamp watershed with the main floodplain of the swamp running along the southwest edge of the triangle. The entire area of the Global Logistics Triangle is upstream from the old-growth portion of the swamp protected by the Francis Beidler Forest. Anything and everything that occurs within the Global Logistics Triangle will have an effect on the water quality of the upper Four Holes Swamp, which in turn will flow into the Francis Beidler Forest. Audubon South Carolina has encouraged the Orangeburg County Council to ensure that the effects are minimal.

Vegetative buffers between developed properties and the swamp will help to filter runoff. Limiting the amount of impervious (unable to allow water to pass through) surfaces will limit the amount of runoff, especially runoff that collects oil and other pollutants as it washes across the impervious surface. Ensuring that fuel tanks are surrounded by a catch basin will prevent spills from entering the swamp. These and other simple measures will help prevent a water quality disaster in the middle of one of South Carolina's premier habitats.

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