Monday, October 08, 2007

Raising the Roof

On Saturday, staff from the Audubon Center at Francis Beidler Forest and volunteers from Audubon chapters in the state joined to raise the roof on the outdoor shelter at the Wannamaker Nature Preserve near St. Matthews.

With the poles already in the ground and bolted together during previous visits, the mission of the day was to get as much of the roof installed. As the 11-hour timeline of images below shows, that involved cutting the poles to size, hoisting and securing the nine trusses, attaching the plywood roof, attaching the tar paper, and scheduling the shingle installation (ran out of daylight) for this Wednesday.

8:25 am - workers and supplies arrive; poles already in ground

9:10 am - 3 trusses (ends & middle) hung upsidedown; (l to r) Dick Watkins in orange hat, Collis Boyd on ladder, Mike Dawson near ladder, Dan Tufford [Pres. of Columbia Audubon], Steve Dennis, Nick Dawson, and Ted on blue ladder; Alice pruning around driveway and parking area.

12:45 pm - 3 trusses upright

2:55 pm - 9 trusses upright

5:40 pm - plywood roof almost complete; tar paper on one side

6:20 pm - roof complete along with drip edge

6:45 pm - tar paper being completed on second side

7:30 pm - the final four workers heading home to Summerville

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