Thursday, October 18, 2007

Trashy Attitude

What is it about some middle school children that compels them to throw their nametag into a hollow stump as James did, or write their name on the sink cover like Miss Green did, or carve their name into the boardwalk like Lulu did, or transfer wrappers from their candy directly to the swamp?

We don't have any answers...only questions. However, when you work at a place like this, it is difficult to win the sympathy of others when trashy individuals do not respect or appreciate the uniqueness of this unmolested, old-growth swamp. We can always take a walk beneath its canopy, enjoy the peace, and wonder at the diversity of life within reach of the boardwalk.

Today's example deals with trash too. This decomposer is Laetiporus sulphureus, which is edible, also goes by the name "Chicken of the Woods." We assume it tastes like chicken. The cooked young rosettes or the white margins of older specimens apparently have a mild taste and a texture like cooked chicken. Again, we'll defer to the experts as we enjoy the livers with which we were born.

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