Friday, June 27, 2008

Canoeing Conclusion!

A 45-minute paddle through the virgin, old-growth cypress-tupelo swamp at the Audubon Center at Francis Beidler Forest brought the first session of summer camp to a satisfying conclusion!

We have no images of the campers paddling (some for the first time) in the swamp. Although the water in the selected channel is deep enough for the draft of the 16-foot aluminum Grumman canoes, it is shallow enough for the smallest camper to stand with their head high above the water and their Coast Guard-approved life preserver. In fact, the cool water never reached the soprano regions of the adult camp counselors. All that being noted, we were not willing to risk expensive camera equipment around all that water, fun, and inexperience. Believe us when we write that there were smiles on every face (except for moments of trepidation brought on by small spiders catching a dry ride or siblings threatening ramming speed to silence boat-handling criticisms) and nobody wanted to come off the water. Lunch, however, is a powerful motivator.

We will be off all next week. Therefore, the blog will go silent until the next batch of campers arrive on July 7th. Enjoy your holiday weekend and remember why it is we celebrate. If in doubt, come to the swamp the next time the campers pile into canoes!

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