Friday, June 13, 2008

High-tech Trash and Recycling

We don't always get a chance to slow down and read. When we do, we read what is at hand, which is not always the most current issue. This weekend we picked up National Geographic Magazine's January 2008 issue. There were two articles that we feel every American should read so that they are informed as to the disposition of their high-tech devices once the items are deemed to be trash and informed regarding recyclable waste.

The first article "High-Tech Trash" by Chis Carroll describes the journey of computer (and other high-tech items) from our desktops to distant countries with lax or non-existent environmental laws where precious metals and lead can be extracted via highly-toxic practices.

The second article "Recycling: The Big Picture" by Tom Zeller, Jr. discusses whether or not recycling makes sense. We think it makes sense as does Mr. Zeller, "It makes sense to reuse products, of course, and to reduce consumption altogether, as well as to improve initial product design. But given the rising mounds of waste worldwide, it also makes sense to recycle."

Laetiporus sulphureus or Chicken of the Woods is one of Beidler Forest's low-tech recyclers!

Image by Mark Musselman

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