Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Google Earth

Today, a variety of examples were introduced for bringing data into the classrooms using Google Earth. The Francis Beidler Forest boundaries along with the canoe trail and the boardwalk have been available in Google Earth for awhile and can be launched here. However, additional species data files will be made available in the future.

Obviously, the examples used had nothing to do with data from the Francis Beidler Forest. Much of the data was gleaned from the U. S. Census Bureau and could easily be classified as "less than exciting." However, Kevin Remington, the creative Geographic Information System (GIS) manager at the University of South Carolina, produced a map of Middle Earth (if you said, "Huh?" ask a Lord of the Rings fan) and projected it onto the Earth as seen from space.

We promise to use our newfound knowledge only for good!

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